NSUPE Condemns Bill 148

The Nova Scotia Union of Public & Private Employees (NSUPE) will not tolerate such a blatant disregard for workers’ rights and the right to bargain.

By imposing a ceiling on wages, Premier McNeil is undermining the collective bargaining process and cutting Nova Scotia’s public-sector workers at the knee. This is unconstitutional and Mr. McNeil knows it. Premier McNeil and Labour Relations Minister Mark Furey have misled Nova Scotians into believing that Bill 148 would be sent to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal to confirm whether it is constitutional. It has now been confirmed that the most controversial parts of Bill 148 will not be included in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal’s review.

Three NSUPE Locals are among the many public-sector workers in Nova Scotia affected by Bill 148. This includes NSUPE Local 2, custodial and maintenance workers at the Halifax Regional School Board, Local 15 that consists of Life Skills Coaches at Homes for Independent Living Nova Scotia, and Local 16  which is made up of vocational and residential instructors of the Conway Workshop Association located in Digby, Nova Scotia.

NSUPE stands united with Local 2, Local 15, Local 16, and other public-sector workers who are affected by Bill 148.