NSUPE supports teachers

December 5, 2016

NSUPE Supports Teachers, Condemns McNeil  Government

The Nova Scotia Union of Public & Private Employees(NSUPE) would like to extend their support for teachers in their struggle to improve working conditions and to provide for their families. We believe that all unions should be able to participate in collective bargaining as it is their right to do so. It is unfortunate that things have come to this and that teachers are forced to take a stand for what is right. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with teachers to ensure that everyone’s rights are honoured.

NSUPE condemns the McNeil government for their heavy handed tactics once more. Instead of trying to obtain a fair collective agreement with teachers, they again wish to solve their problems through legislation. When will they learn that this is not fair collective bargaining? NSUPE urges the McNeil government to return to the bargaining table with teachers to reach a fair collective agreement.