Solidarity with the NSTU

The Nova Scotia Union of Public & Private Employees (NSUPE) stands united with the Nova Scotia Teachers Union as they stand up for their rights. The NSTU has scheduled a strike vote on February 20 to secure a mandate from its members to implement a job action.

Nova Scotia’s teachers have been asking for the government to support improved classroom conditions for far too long. We call upon Stephen McNeil and the Liberal majority government to take a step back and consult with the NSTU and other stakeholders before further harming the relationship our government has with the many men and women that contribute to our public education system says Josh Mullins NSUPE President.

“The public are being misled into believing that teachers were an integral component in Dr. Glaze’s consultations that led to the recommendations contained in her report. We can now clearly see that this is not true. The Glaze report is not supported by the very teachers that it should protect and empower” says Mullins.

NSUPE Local 2, which represents the custodial and maintenance workers of the Halifax Regional School Board remain in solidarity with the NSTU. NSUPE Local 2 members work alongside NSTU members located in the Halifax Regional Municipality.