NSUPE’s Committees

Are you interested in getting more involved with NSUPE but don’t know how? NSUPE has a variety of committees who are each looking for members to join and add to the conversation.

Organizing Committee

NSUPE’s Organizing Committee aims to identify, communicate, and unionize workplaces that would benefit from union representation. The committee meets once a month to plan, discuss strategies, train, and possibly assign extra duties as needed for organizing drives (when we’re actively unionizing a workplace).

Volunteer Appreciation Committee

The newly created Volunteer Appreciation Committee aims to recognize NSUPE members for their contributions to the union. The committee also strives to increase awareness of NSUPE’s volunteers among the general membership and bring attention to the work done by members volunteering their time. This committee is projected to have regular monthly meetings with emphasis on the lead up to National Volunteer Week, which occurs annually in late-April.

Women’s Committee

Women, female-presenting individuals, and gender non-conforming folks face unique challenges at work. The Women’s Committee has been formed to create a safe space to discuss and address issues faced in the workplace. This committee is projected to have monthly or bi-monthly meetings with projects or events scheduled occasionally.

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