Local 16

Vocational and residential instructors of the Conway Workshop Association in Digby, Nova Scotia

Collective Agreement

Local Executive

Mona Deveau · President
Nadine Tidd· Vice-President
Kayla Wood · Secretary

Executive Council Member

Nadine Tidd Lexie Deon (1st Alt.) Robert Adams (2nd Alt.)

Local Advocates

Robert Adams
Mona Deveau

Labour-Management Committee

Mona Deveau
Trina Bright Lexie Deon Robert Adams (ALT)

O H & S Nadine Tidd Kayla Wood (ALT)

Negotiations Committee Mona Deveau Nadine Tidd Amanda Thibodeau Sherry McMillan

Business Agent

Andrew MacFarlane· 902-471-2951

Andrew MacFarlane