Local 16

Vocational and residential instructors of the Conway Workshop Association in Digby, Nova Scotia

Collective Agreement

Local Executive

Mona Deveau · President
Nadine Tidd· Vice-President
Kayla Wood · Secretary

Executive Council Member

Nadine Tidd
Lexie Deon (1st Alt)
Robert Adams (2nd Alt)

Local Advocates

Robert Adams
Mona Deveau

Labour Management Committee

Mona Deveau
Trina Bright
Lexie Deon
Robert Adams (Alt)

O H & S

Nadine Tidd
Kayla Wood (Alt)

Negotiations Committee

Mona Deveau
Nadine Tidd
Amanda Thibodeau
Sherry McMillan

Business Agent

Andrew MacFarlane· 902-471-2951

Andrew MacFarlane