Advocate Manual

NSUPE Advocate Manual

This manual is intended to assist NSUPE representatives, officers and union advocates who represent the NSUPE membership.  If the membership is the body of the union then you are the backbone of the union.  Without a backbone, the body cannot stand.

You have an ongoing daily relationship with the members in the workplace.  The union depends on your sound judgment and enthusiasm to serve the membership and how well you do your job has a direct impact on how the members view the union.  The union has a responsibility to prepare you for the role you have taken on.

This manual has been prepared to assist in our endeavors to remain the best servicing union around.  As an ongoing draft, it is open for criticism, review and adjustment.  Feel free to make suggestions on format, language, usefulness or anything else.  It has been designed primarily as a tool in the grievance procedure, but we have included general information on NSUPE, union philosophy and responsibilities, organizational structure and affiliations.

As an official representative of NSUPE, you stand for the membership. You represent the union in your discussions with your fellow workers and with your employer. Your dedication to serving the interests of the membership is what gives NSUPE its strength.

Thank you for all you do for NSUPE and NSUPE members.