Executive Council

President Tim Green                                Email: greentim856@gmail.com

Vice President Mona Deveau                 Email: monadeveau@yahoo.ca

Secretary Tanya Herrell                           Email: tanya_herrell@hotmail.com

Treasurer Tony Perry                                Email: ajpnsupe2@gmail.com


Local  2 – Halifax Regional Centre for Education
Derick Green, Dina Rodriguez (Alternate)  

Local 14 – Halifax Public Libraries
Chad Murphy

Local 15 –  Homes for Independent Living
Catherine Old

Local 16 – Conway Workshop Association
Robert Adams, Nadine Larmache (Alternate)

Local 17 – Quality Inn Airport Hotel Halifax
Sharon Markie, Ronalda Fisher (Alternate)

Local 19  – Canadian Blood Services, Prince Edward Island
Patti Hooley

Local 22 – Cole Harbour Place
Robert Styles, Marla Brooks (Alternate)

Local 23– Annapolis Valley Regional Library

The NSUPE Executive Council oversees the union. The Council is responsible to ensure:

  • that NSUPE’s goal of providing a high level of in-the-workplace service continues
  • that each Local is kept informed of what other Locals are doing
  • that Locals be brought together for co-operative purposes
  • that the finances and activities of the whole Union are coordinated for the benefit of the Locals and the membership
  • the organization of new Locals
  • the hiring of union staff and other professional assistance
  • a liaison with other organizations such as the Confederation of Canadian Unions.