Local 14 Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

Nova Scotia Union Public and Private Employees Local 14 acknowledges that racism is not just an American issue, but a Canadian issue. From Cornwallis to the destruction of Africville to the assault of Santina Rao by police this past year, systemic racism has been a part of Halifax since its founding. It is a local issue, a community issue, and a workplace issue. As NSUPE local 14 we are committed to working harder to stand up and support those who are discriminated against and put an end to racism and discrimination within Halifax Public Libraries. 

We encourage our fellow workers with white privilege to be empathetic, understanding, and to make room for the voices of Black, Indigenous, and persons of color. Listed below are resources to help those who want to learn and contribute. As a next step NSUPE Local 14 will start an Anti-Racism Committee, and we look forward to working with Halifax Public Libraries to change racist and discriminatory institutional policies and practices.


  1. The African Nova Scotian Directory (ANSD) is a service that connects people to the African Nova Scotian community online. 
  2.  Black Lives Matter – Halifax Public Library Reading List 
  3. The Coast’s list of where you can give money to support Black organizations and lives right now. 
  4. Justice for George Floyd petition.
  5. Article from Yes Magazine on white privilege 
  6.  Talk to Kids About Race – HPL Reading List for Kids
  7.  Antiracist Reading List For All Ages – HPL Free Audio and EBook Reading List
  8. Disrupting Whiteness in Libraries and Librarianship: A Reading List

If there is a resource that you would like added please email sforester@nsupe.ca.