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Day of Mourning

Tomorrow is Tuesday, April 28, a day where we had planned to come together to honour and remember those who have lost their life, were injured, or became ill as a result of their work. The Day of Mourning is observed annually on April 28 in communities throughout Canada with wreath-laying ceremonies. While we are unable to gather together to show our solidarity, we can still support one another, share stories and memories, and observe a moment of silence.

We encourage you to visit online resources, reach out to someone, and take some time to reflect. We have included some online resources below.

As always, please feel free to connect with NSUPE staff, business agents/lawyers, Executive Council Members, or Local Executives if you need to talk, have questions, or require support. Contact information can be found on NSUPE’s website at www.nsupe.ca/contact or www.nsupe.ca/member-resources by visiting your specific Local’s webpage.

Day of Mourning online resources

Photo by icon0.com from Pexels