So what is an Executive Council anyways?

NSUPE’s Executive Council is a group of NSUPE members who have stepped up and gotten themselves elected to represent their Local. Each of NSUPE’s nine Locals is tasked with electing an Executive Council Member and an Alternate Executive Council Member.

It is important to note that Executive Council Members are volunteers. They do not receive any compensation outside of union leave, mileage, and any eligible expense reimbursement.

Executive Council Members alongside the four table officers make up NSUPE’s Executive Council. Staff members and NSUPE’s lawyers/business agents also attend Executive Council meetings to provide reports and advice as requested.

Executive Council Members are responsible for attending monthly meetings held at NSUPE’s office in Burnside, Dartmouth. Each month NSUPE’s President, Shelby Kennedy, creates an agenda for the upcoming Executive Council meeting. Agenda items typically include timely items that require discussion and/or approval from Executive Council. These items may include but are not limited to reports from the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Communications Manager, Organizing Committee, and a Local report from each Executive Council Member. This meeting is where Locals can request funding, promotional items, or support for various Local initiatives such as events, surveys, and brochures.

As per the NSUPE Constitution, which governs pretty much everything NSUPE does, Executive Council Members are responsible for reporting on the affairs and administration of the Union to their Local Executives and at Local general meetings. Executive Council Members are also responsible for bringing Local concerns to the attention of Executive Council. A Local’s Executive Council Member is the go-between person for NSUPE and the Local.

An Executive Council Alternate is a member who has volunteered to step-in when the Executive Council Member is unable to attend a monthly meeting to ensure that the Local is represented and information continues to flow between Executive Council and the Local.
We encourage you to get to know your Local’s Executive Council Member and the Executive Council Alternate. We think they are pretty great.

Don’t know who your Executive Council Member is? We can help! Visit https://nsupe.ca/executive-council/.

**This post was supposed to include a photo of NSUPE’s Executive Council but due to inclement weather the February meeting was postponed. Instead we are using a photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels.